Cute Cartoon Aroma Sticky Notes

Cute Cartoon Aroma Sticky Notes

Life is better with cute cartoon aroma sticky notes--stick this super post-it note anywhere to spread goodvibes anywhere-make it be on your notebook, scrapbook,even use it to decorate your room!

Product Details

Cute Cartoon Scented Post-it Notes

The sticky note is a kind of sticky note paper with a special adhesive on the back. It is sticky and can be pasted on the wall, on the table, on the book, etc. It is very convenient for memorizing, memo, labeling, etc. It can also be peeled off and pasted again, with a long-lasting viscosity

Product Details

high quality paper
82x125mm usually or customized
cartoon pattern or customized
Package30sheets/opp bag

Our Cute Cartoon Scented Post-it Notes

1. Saving paper: ordinary A4 paper size is 210*297mm, ordinary sticky note size is 75*75mm, ( aroma sticky note is 1/11 of A4 paper area); also write a sentence, remember an address, leave a name phone;

2. Plain paper is attached to the wall. It needs double-sided glue, glue, tape, pin, pushpin and other tools, but the fragrance sticker has glue behind it, no need for the above materials; external tools will cause different degrees of damage to the wall, glue Can't wipe it off, the push pin makes the wall a riddled hole;

3. Is the paper still removed from the wall? Where is it taken? Is it easy to find if it is clipped inside a folder? perfume post-it notes can be pasted repeatedly and attached to any location;

4. The adhesion of the scented sticky sticker is due to the physical change of the glue due to the shrinkage and recovery of the molecule, environmental protection, no residual glue, no damage to the surface of the object.

Product Image

scented post-it notes20191107012

fragrance sticky notes20191107014

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