Variety Of Fragrance Tester Strips

Variety Of Fragrance Tester Strips

These essential oil test strips are perfect for testing oil scents. You can use them to make your own blends or to get a more accurate smell of your other oils. Just dip the narrow end of the strip into the oil (or put 2-3 drops on it) and let it sit for a few seconds. You then hold the strip 3-5 inches from the nose and take a short whiff. Use the wide end of the strip to write down which oil it is so you don’t forget or get them mixed up!

Product Details

In order to assess aromatic oils, we recommend using these paper test strips to determine their characteristics and complexities rather than smelling them directly from the bottle. This is particularly important if you are comparing several different oils of the same type, or if the oil you are evaluating is in a large bottle. Professional noses (perfumers) use paper test strips exclusively in their work and wouldn’t be without them. While the nose and your sense of smell is one of the most important tools of the aromatherapist and natural perfumer, exposing aromatic oils to the air for evaporation on fragrance test strips will enable you to more accurately evaluate the oils’ complete aromatic profile for quality, nuances and subtleties, possible adulteration, and lasting power, whereas smelling the oil from its container allows only a partial aroma appraisal.

We offer different sizes of fragrance tester strips in various paper weights to meet the needs of retail customers and fragrance manufacturers. 

Fragrances can be sprayed onto paper for sampling in a retail setting or for testing during production.

During retail use, the paper strips enable customers to skip skin contact with a fragrance, which means they can sample more scents. 

The strips are often called fragrance paddle testers because of their unique shape that allows them to be held up for sampling. 

They are also easily handed out to customers during a fragrance promotion. 

Each type of quality strip we sell is designed to allow customers to easily try out a fragrance that is new to them. 

Our fragrance testing strips are made for commercial use within the beauty industry. 

They come in white paper and are available in dimensions that provide ample space for adding the name of a special fragrance that the customer wants to remember.

Our customizable paddle testers for fragrance can feature the name or logo of your store printed on the product. 

The customer can keep the customized tester and know where to buy a favorite perfume or other scented product.

We offer fragrance paddle testers in 100-strip packages, with 70-pound blotter or 230 GSM paper weight. 

The paddle style strip is a beauty industry staple. 

Since 1998, we have been providing products for the cosmetic, skin care and fragrance industries. Let us know how we can best serve your beauty merchandise needs.

Material:       Absorbent paper

Size:             Customized

Printing:       4 C/Hot stamping

Shape:          Paddle,cuspidal,rectangle,irregularCustomized

Thickness:    0.3-0.4 mm

MOQ:          10000 pcs

Packaging:  100pcs/ploy bag,36000pcs into a carton

Lead time:   3-7 days for samples,20 days after receive your order confirmation

Shipping:    By sea,by air,by DHL,by UPS or other express

Payment:    30% deposit and balance before delivery;T/T,Western Union,Paypal

Usage:        suitable for flavor company, cosmetics company, perfume company, food industry                               review,etc.

Feature:     ductility, water and oil absorption, environmental protection, adsorption, sporadic,                                durability, stiffness are great

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