Smell Paper/Test Paper Book

Smell Paper/Test Paper Book

According to the specific requirements of customers, we can print the logos and patterns of the company, and produce different shapes, different fragrances, colorful and fashionable fragrances.

Product Details

Treemas scented paper science tips:

1.The scent test paper itself does not have any fragrance. Try one scent test paper for each scent test paper.

2. Dip the tip into the mouth of the bottle to absorb the perfume, and note the name of the perfume on the other end.


3. After dipping the scented paper into the mouth of the bottle, make sure to use more scented paper to evenly distribute the fragrance, and then smell the real fragrance.

4.Try not to try too much flavor every day, generally recommended 2 to 3 can.


According to customers' specific requirements, we can print the company's Logo and pattern, and produce incense tablets with different shapes, different fragrances and bright and fashionable colors.

custom made

The company all according to customer requirements customized, according to customer specifications, design, quantity to produce.

Order process

Provide design draft, or to provide free design according to customer requirements, both parties confirm the design is correct, the customer pay the proofing fee, we arrange proofing and send samples (proofing time: 5 to 7 days), customer confirm sample is correct, appointed time, the contract signed in big goods production, customers pay 30% deposit, we will arrange the production, big goods production completed (pictures or send samples customer confirmation or personally inspection), customers pay the balance, we arrange the delivery.

About the price

All the goods of our company are the reference price, the price of the goods can be discussed with us, according to the custom requirements of the goods, the quantity is different, the custom price is different, we follow the principle of large quantity with preferential treatment.

About the delivery

We will ship the goods for you after your payment, according to the buyer's payment order.We have a professional staff to strictly check the quality of goods, please rest assured that custom.




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