Segmented Straight Strip Perfume Test Book

Segmented Straight Strip Perfume Test Book

1.Designed to test aromatherapy oil, perfume, essential oil and so on. 2. Great absorption capacity of water and oil. Easy and convenient to test. 3. Made with imported paper with soy ink printed. 4. Environmentally friendly and safe to use. 5. These strips are thick enough to absorb the perfume and do not warp.

Product Details


Absorbent paper




4 C/Hot stamping




0.3-0.4 mm


10000 pcs


100pcs/ploy bag,36000pcs into a carton

Lead time

3-7 days for samples,20 days after receive your order confirmation


By sea,by air,by DHL,by UPS or other express


30% deposit and balance before delivery;T/T,Western Union,Paypal


suitable for flavor company, cosmetics company, perfume company, food industry review,etc.


ductility, water and oil absorption, environmental protection, adsorption, sporadic, durability, stiffness are great

 Choose Our Company to Test the Incense Paper

Smell paper, test paper, test strips, test fragrance, perfume test strips, the company's smell of paper selected imported pulp and soybean ink printing beer to ensure its ductility, water absorption, Oil absorption, safety, environmental protection, adsorption, sporadic, long-lasting, stiffness and odor are ideal.


 Scented paper is used in flavor companies, cosmetics companies, perfume companies, food industry evaluation, and the sensory quality of liquid products. Each of the 50 pieces or 60 pieces can be made according to customer's requirements. The customer's trademark logo can be printed, and the FRAGRANCE BLOTTER is also called smelling paper or test fragrance. The paper strip absorbs the fragrance and can be used by perfumers and others to experiment with the fragrance. The test paper is usually a thick and strong paper, and the fragrance is well retained, so even if you return home, the fragrance of the fragrance can be clearly recognized.


It is difficult to make accurate judgments in the perfume counters of shopping malls due to the mixed flavors. In this case, if you only try two or three fragrances at a time, it is better to use the test paper to appreciate the fragrance when you are still quiet. The method is more reliable and can make a correct judgment.



Test paper material description:

The company's test paper uses absorbent paper, which has a good absorption effect. The conventional material of the test paper is 300 g absorbent paper, 0.4 mm thick. There are also other thickness materials.



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