Rectangular Essential Oil Perfume Test Paper

Rectangular Essential Oil Perfume Test Paper

Rectangular Essential Oil Perfume Test Paper are also known Scent Strips and Fragrance Blotters.

Product Details


Absorbent paper




4 C/Hot stamping




0.3-0.4 mm


10000 pcs


100pcs/ploy bag,36000pcs into a carton

Lead time

3-7 days for samples,20 days after receive your order confirmation


By sea,by air,by DHL,by UPS or other express


30% deposit and balance before delivery;T/T,Western Union,Paypal


suitable for flavor company, cosmetics company, perfume company, food industry review,etc.


ductility, water and oil absorption, environmental protection, adsorption, sporadic, durability, stiffness are great


If you're like me, it's natural to want to sniff an essential oil directly from the bottle. Seriously, how can we not? When the essential oil(s) that we ordered arrives in the mail, we so eagerly want to open our precious new aromatics, lift each bottle to our nostrils, one by one, and take a big sniff.


But Assessing the aroma of an essential oil by simply sniffing directly from the bottle is not ideal. I'm not entirely suggesting that you stop sniffing your essential oils from the bottle if you are striving for immediate gratification or eagerly want to get a quick impression of the aroma, but don't form an opinion of a particular essential oil strictly by doing that. Plus, continually opening and closing an essential oil bottle can accelerate the oxidation of the oil.


When you sniff directly from an essential oil bottle, the thin neck of the bottle can be extremely limiting because it doesn't allow an essential oil to fully divulge its complexity and its full palette of aromatic notes. Additionally, if any other essential oil has come in contact with the label or bottle, that aromatic residue can potentially interfere with your ability to accurately assess the aroma of the essential oil inside the bottle.


When needing a quick assessment, it's better to remove the cap to the essential oil, turn the cap upside down and sniff the inside of the cap. Having said that, sniffing from the cap is still not the best way to fully assess the aroma of an essential oil. However, it generally can give you a better overall idea than smelling into the neck of the bottle itself.


Recommended Method for Evaluating the Aroma of an Essential Oil Evaluating Essential oil Using Fragrance Testing Strips A much better way to assess the aroma of an essential oil is to apply one or two drops of essential oil to a Fragrance Testing Strip* and evaluate the aroma by sniffing the test strip instead of the bottle or bottle cap.


For a more thorough assessment of the oil as it changes over time, evaluate the aroma by sniffing the strip at set intervals of time, such as immediately after application, and then again after a minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours and after 1 day have passed. It can be helpful to keep a notebook to record your aromatic evaluations.


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