Fragrance Perfume Test Strip Thick Paper Testers

Fragrance Perfume Test Strip Thick Paper Testers

If you need to customize, please contact customer service.

Product Details

Product name:        perfume test paper.

For short:                test paper/smell paper.

Size:                        customizable

Material:                      Dutch pure white test paper.

Thickness:              0.4 mm

Packing:                 100 pieces/bag.

Printing:                 customizable logo(printing/stamping)

Shape:                    flower shape, pointed shape, oar shape can be customized.

If you need to customize, please contact customer service.


Cut them into squares and keep a few handy in your purses and evening bags to refresh your fragrance when you go out.


Men: tuck one in your wallet.

 Ladies: Open and tuck one in your bra as a subtle perfume substitute.

Guys: Tuck one in your pocket

IMG_5520 (1)

Apply to skin or clothing as a quick aromatherapy pick-me-up.

Line your lingerie, sweater and PJ drawers with opened scent testers.

Open and put on or two in just-out-of-the-dryer sheets before you fold and put them away.



Pull apart and place them in shoes and boots while they’re in your closet. They add a pretty scent with each step.


Put one in your car door storage space, the AC vent, the ash tray, or under the seat.


Rub one on your hair if it’s feeling a little funky or if you’ve spent time in a smoky room.


Use them as luxurious bookmarks.


Open and carefully tent one over a lampshade to scent a small room.

Punch a hole in them and thread over coat hangers for a closet refresher.


Tuck an open scent strip in a new toilet paper roll.



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