Arrow Perfume Essential Oil Test Book

Arrow Perfume Essential Oil Test Book

Feature:ductility, water and oil absorption, environmental protection, adsorption, sporadic, durability, stiffness are great Usage:suitable for flavor company, cosmetics company, perfume company, food industry review,etc.

Product Details

Brand:          TREEMAS PRINT

Item No:      Test paper

Material :      Dutch pure white test material

Size :             Custom (mm)

Thickness :     0.2-0.5 (mm)

Origin:            Guangzhou

Color:             white, beige

Custom processing: Yes

Whether Logo:         Yes

Features:         Excellent for ductility, adsorption, sporadic, long-lasting, stiffness and odor

Uses:               Appraise, test incense, identify the quality of liquid materials

Packing instructions:     OPP sealing self-adhesive bag

Packing:         100 pieces / bag

Save tips:        Store in a cool place, moisture-proof, anti-exposure

Payment method :     Pay 30% deposit first, before the big goods are shipped, the inspection is OK and the payment is made.


Essential oil test strips are unmarked and perfect for testing oil or perfume scents. 

You can use them to make your own blends or to get a more accurate scent. 

Just dip the narrow end of the strip into the oil (or put 2-3 drops on it) and let it sit for a few seconds. 

You then hold the strip 3-5 inches from the nose and take a short whiff. 

Use the wide end of the strip to write down which oil it is so you don't forget or get them mixed up. Pack of 1000 test strips. 





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