Masquerade DIY Fox Paper Half-face Mask

Masquerade DIY Fox Paper Half-face Mask

Design: Masquerade DIY Fox Paper Half-face Mask. Low multi-faceted design, simple abstraction, sharp edges and corners. In recent years, it has been very popular with young people in the form of artistic expression.

Product Details

Masquerade Creative DIY Fox Paper Half-face Mask Suitable for Adults and Children

Each product is handmade, polished, hand-painted and subject to strict quality controls.

Free cutting and easy to assemble. Enjoy the diversity of gameplay and enjoy the fun of DIY.

Product Description

Masquerade DIY Fox Paper Half-face Mask

Product Name: Masquerade DIY Fox Paper Half-face Mask

Brand Name : Treemas

Material: environmentally friendly cardboard. High quality paper, strong and durable.

Product size: 23*14*20 cm.

Color: Orange

Mask Type: Animal

Applicable objects: Halloween rave party, masquerade, stage occurs, bar, decoration, collection, etc.

Product details: hand painted, each pin is carefully drawn, the color is uniform and bright, the interior and the size of the face are completely consistent, which makes carrying more comfortable.The soft foam padding provides more comfort, the rubber band is fixed and can be adjusted to the size of the head so that it is not easy to drop.

Production: Open the package, read the instructions, check the material parts, prepare the glue and a small brush to start your DIY fun journey. Fold the parts one by one along the creases; glue the corresponding parts with glue; connect the rubber bands and rounds to the inside of the mask.

Posting instructions: We are not selling finished products, we need to manually DIY to complete the production.

Note: Glue and small brushes are included.


Delivery method: Fedex,DHL,UPS,TNT,EMS, etc

Payment terms: T/T.Western Union,L/C,Paypal

Place of Origin : Guangzhou, China 

Quality :Prime,High Quality

Contact: Please send me your inquiry at any time, we will quote you a best price.

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Creative DIY Fox Paper Half-facDIY Fox Paper Half-face Maske Mask

DIY fox Paper Mask5

DIY Fox Paper Half-face Mask for Masquerade

Creative DIY Fox Paper Half-face Mask

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