What Is Car Air Freshener?

- Aug 04, 2018-

Car Fragrance is a kind of perfume that belongs to cars and air conditioners. It can easily make the air inside and inside the house elegant and pleasant. Because it contains natural plant essential oil, it uses unique fragrance core technology, just put it The vents of the car, the fresh and pleasant fragrance can be emitted, and can be clipped to the car or air conditioner according to your own preferences, and can be personalized packaging and LOGO printing according to the requirements of the guests, suitable for industry promotion and advertising gifts. Gifts are the best choice for car and home promotional gifts.

[Usage] Freely clamped in the air outlet of the air conditioner or car air conditioner, the fragrance is released into the space with the wind. Product advantages: pleasant aroma, small size and no positional scent: a variety of fragrances (cherry, strawberry, ocean, rose, new car, lemon, vanilla, etc.) are available.


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