Tips For Choosing The Right Perfume

- Oct 20, 2017-

Perfume will have a chemical effect on the secretion of human skin, and different people's skin secretion is not the same, so the perfume on the test paper and on the skin of the human smell is not the same. Moreover, the same perfume in different people may also emit a different flavor, or there is a difference in time to stay fragrant. So a perfume that smells great on others may give off a strange taste in yourself. That is to say, rely on the taste of others to judge a perfume is also wrong.

The only correct way to try the perfume is to test the incense yourself. Spray on the inside of the wrist, wait half a minute to try to smell the smell, then leave the perfume counter, and wait at least half an hour to one hours, and then try to feel the scent of perfume on your skin before you can make a decision.

The average person's nose can tell up to three kinds of perfume in a short time, so don't try more than three kinds of perfume at once. If you smell a few days later, feel your nose is already numb to the smell of perfume, you can smell the fresh coffee beans to restore the smell. A good perfume store will have fresh coffee beans for customers to use.

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