The First Cooperation Between Guangzhou Zhengmao And IFundi

- Oct 23, 2019-

21th, Sept, 2019 iFundi and hello caicai visited Guangzhou Zhengmao Printing Co., Ltd together. 

Guangzhou Zhengmao is  a integrated high-tech enterprise which includes the reseach and development, production, sales and trade. Main product: Paper Air Freshener, Perfume Test Strips, Paper Coasters, Envelopes, Aroma Diffuser, Paper Gift Bags, Perfume Calendar, Model Book, etc.

In this meeting, iFundi shared the situation of the company, and the future vision of the cooperation of Guangzhou Zhengmao. 

In the future, both sides will have a cooperation, create more new product towards health and culture. Let us look forward to it!

Perfume test strips, Paper air freshener.jpg
TREEMAS,Auto Air Freshener, Paper Coaster.jpg

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