The Exclusive Perfume Of The 12 Constellations

- Oct 17, 2018-

 Let's take a look at the exclusive fragrance of the six most distinctive constellations:



      Aries have always been enthusiastic and straightforward, and dare to love and dare to be straightforward, and those who like to take it will take the initiative. The true and cheerful attitude is the personality of Aries. In the choice of perfume, citrus and floral are the first choice for Aries. Perfume with lemon, citrus, orange, musk and rosemary is suitable for Aries. If you add flowers like gardenia, lily, lotus, etc., it will be very popular.



      Taurus has always been to the sentiment is single-minded, to things careful personality, treat a relationship, once they fall in love with somebody, it will be wholehearted and will not change easily. There is paranoia in gentleness, and there is a seriousness in kindness. If Taurus chooses perfumes such as jasmine, rose, sandalwood and lilac, it will neutralize your serious image and show your gentle and pleasant side, which will make everyone want to be close to you.



       Gemini tends to be changeable, so they are often ridiculed for multiple personalities! Smart and lively Gemini is like an unpredictable wind, which is often unpredictable. Many Gemini people often show a wide range of characteristics, like to chase fresh and romantic, not care about the longevity, fun and most important personality, but also increase the characteristics of Gemini difficult to guess. A perfume with narcissus, magnolia and hyacinth will make the twins more romantic and easygoing.



     Emotionally, cancer is not articulate, even if they love someone, it will not be easily revealed on your face. Cancer has always been a steady person, and because of this, others may find it difficult to get close. In the choice of perfume brands, warm fragrances such as floral notes and woody notes are preferred. Containing roses, peony, tuberose, sandalwood and benzoin, agarwood and other spices will make you feel tender and warm.



      Leo is warm and generous, and seems to be born with a striking aura, they eager to be the focus and the personality of Leo. When Leo is put into love, it will be vigorous and vigorous, and it will not drag on to break up. Leo, with its unique personality, is sure to be able to control the perfumes of all kinds of tastes. The taste is more intense, full of scent, and you can do whatever you want. Spices such as orange blossom, musk, and ambergris will definitely make Leo a highlight.



      Strict and careful, pay attention to the principle is the characteristics of Virgo. Doing somethings is best, calm and self-sustaining, and they do not allow a little flaw. People like to make fun of virgo with ocd, but don't people who are a bit paranoid and serious are also a bit cute? Giving people a sense of distance is a mask that Virgo does not take. If you have violet, lily, peach, citrus and other flavors, it will increase your sense of intimacy.




       Customize a fragrance that only belongs to you . Let people around you know you better and let the people remember you. Let you be more confident.


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