The Difference Between Fragrance Balm And Perfume

- Oct 20, 2017-

Fragrance Balm is a condensed solid perfume, more convenient to carry, packaging is also more good-looking, but to use finger smear.

And perfume can be a large area of the spray on the body, but the time to stay fragrant than fragrance balm Some, and alcohol allergy people can not be directly used, because the general perfume in the alcohol ingredients in the inside.

Even the same flavor of fragrance balm and perfume, there are subtle differences in the sense of smell. Because fragrance balm ingredient beeswax Reason, fragrance Balm heat is very quickly evaporate, fragrance also lasts 3-4 hours.

Perfume is the main ingredient is the essence, Liuxiang time generally in 5-10 hours or so, perfume can be divided into "light perfume", "Perfume" and "flavor", light perfume Liuxiang time the shortest, flavor the longest. Perfume Fragrance Balm The difference is probably these, of course, there are subtle different places is not and appear, in fact, whether it is used fragrance balm or perfume is to see personal hobbies and habits.

The main ingredient of fragrance balm is beeswax and flavor. Beeswax is bees sucking honey, through the wax organs, a series of changes in the wax gland secretion of a liquid, in the air to become condensed into a scale, and then from these scales into beeswax, beeswax at room temperature is solid state, its main components are: acids, free fatty acids, free fat and carbohydrates. In addition, there are carotenoids, vitamin A, aromatic substances and so on.

Essence is also called the harmonic flavor or blend spices, is the natural spices and artificial spices in accordance with the appropriate proportion of harmony, is a certain aroma type of products. Good perfume brand is pure natural plant extracts such as essential oil, rather than synthetic spices.

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