Production Notice

- Mar 09, 2020-

The current domestic epidemic situation is under controlled. To the people's heroes who have always adhered to the front line to fight the epidemic, all the staff of the company give the highest admiration and praise from the heart.

Zhengmao is concerned about the epidemic situation and calls on everyone to actively protect itself. In the spring days, product production resumes, and the company has officially resumed work.

During the epidemic, Zhengmao actively responded to the requirements of government departments and delayed open time. The inconvenience caused to everyone during the epidemic period, we would like to express our sincere apologies!

In the new year, we will, as always, provide high-quality and sincere services to customers, and always adhere to the attitude of being responsible to customers, employees and society.

During the resumption of work, all employees of Zhengmao strictly carried out the work of wearing masks, temperature measurement, and disinfection in accordance with the requirements of prevention and control.

First, temperature measurement. The staff arrived at the post to measure temperature and disinfection. They wore masks at all times and washed their hands regularly.

Second, office disinfection. Daily disinfection of office locations and disinfection of personal use items by staff to prevent infection.


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