It Is Spring Equinox Today, One Of 24 Solar Terms

- Mar 20, 2020-

The Spring Equinox,as the fourth term of the year usually starts on Mar 21.

On Spring Equinox day, the sun directly blazes down the equator, so the day and night is approximately equal in length with 12 hours each.

After Spring Equinox day, the sun continues to move to the north hemisphere and the temperature continues to rise.

During the period, the weather is comfortable and the scenery is beautiful, so people are likely to go out for a hiking. Warmer temperatures thaw frozen ground to make it easier for planting crops, so the farmers are often busy.

There are a lot of customs during the Spring Equinox, for example Egg-standing games in some regions.

It is an old custom that dates back to 4,000 years ago. People practice this tradition to celebrate the coming of spring. It is said that if someone can make the egg stand, he will have good luck in the future.

Spring Equinox

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