Is The Car Air Freshener Poisonous?

- Sep 11, 2018-

Anyone with a car knows that there are always some odors in the car. The leather smell of the new car will be more serious. The air conditioning odor of the old car, the mixed smell of air and gasoline are more, so in order to make the air fresher, many car owners will choose to buy car perfume. But does the car perfume really remove the car odor?

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A real story:

This is a true story. Ms. Yao bought a new car a few days ago. In order to eliminate the leather smell in the car as soon as possible, she bought two bottles of beautifully decorated perfume in an auto supply store. It feels good to start using, and the fragrance can cover the leather taste. In a few days, Ms. Yao actually felt a little "dizziness". She still felt sick when she smelled more, and later, she got a conditioned reflex headache when she got on the car. Ms. Yao went to the hospital and was told that she was mildly “poisoned”. With the help of a doctor, Ms. Yao found her “perfume” in her car as  “poisoning source”. Upon inspection, it turned out to be a "perfume" with toxic chemicals, and the addition of too high aroma content and excessive methanol to help volatilize, thus leading to "poisoning" incidents. It can be seen here that the inferior car perfume does not remove the car odor but the scent strongly overshadows the car odor, so it does not play a real role.

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So how can we remove the smell of cars? Following the car perfume, A new generation of , odor-remover—— Paper air Freshener is coming. Paper Car Air Freshener have antibacterial, deodorizing, purifying air, refreshing effect.


However, the problem of worrying consumers has arisen again. Is paper car air freshener poisonous?  it will be confusing for everyone. The car air freshener is made of high-density absorbent cotton paper, which is printed on both sides. It is made from special perfume ions and is blended by scientific process to make the active ingredients release slowly and the fragrance time lasts. The high-density absorbent cotton paper is made of cotton and has no harmful ingredients. Unlike car perfumes, paper car air freshener use special perfume ions to add fragrance, safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly, rather than hazardous methanol. Therefore, car scent is non-toxic and safe and environmentally friendly.

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