Indoor Use Of Air Freshener

- Oct 20, 2017-

When you must use air freshener at home, do the following to reduce its side effects:

First of all to control the use of air fresheners, not when determined not to use air freshener to regulate the odor, create an atmosphere, but also should try to choose well-known brand products to prevent the emergence of new air pollution;

Second, minimize contact with air freshener. When spraying or lighting air freshener at home, it is best for the family to leave the scene, and the majority of aerosol or smoke particles after settling, before entering;

Third, the family has allergies, asthma patients, elderly and infirm patients and infants and so on, it is best not to use air freshener;

Four, to do a good job in the home clean and hygienic, fundamentally eliminate the odor root, the indoor turbid air, must rely on the window ventilation and other means to improve to reduce or not to use air freshener.

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