How To Keep The Air Fresh In The Car

- Oct 20, 2017-

Method 1: Careful car purchase is critical to experience the air inside the vehicle

Method 2: Decorate to be careful of poor quality decoration don't enter the car

Method 3: Often open windows ventilation natural wind instead of air conditioning

Method 4: Smoking in the car as far as possible to avoid sleeping in the closed car

Method 5: Sun exposure can not be taken to stop the car in a cool place

Method 6: The charcoal is maintained for two months

Method 7: Formaldehyde remover can remove odor

Method 8: Put plants in addition to odor beautification car environment

Method 9: Light catalyst to remove the textile pollution from the cool shade is difficult to play the effect

Method 10: Scientific switching of air conditioning inside and outside the circulation function effectively prevent polluting air into the car

Method 11: Air-conditioner filter to replace cleaning duct into the habit

Method 12: Ozone Sterilization No dead end

Method 13: On-board oxygen Bar in addition to taste and bacteria

Method 14: Turn off the air conditioner compressor before stopping to reduce condensation water

Method 15: Pure natural kill bacteria clean air

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