How Much Do You Know About Handbags?

- Oct 20, 2017-

Hand-bag printing is widely used in clothing, food, footwear, gifts, tobacco and alcohol, pharmaceuticals and other fields of commodity packaging. At present, we can sum up these large-use tote bags into two categories.

One kind is the popular packing use plain paper bag. This kind of paper bag mostly uses the rotary printing, the automatic production line completes the bag, makes the paper bag the material to choose Kraft, the paper bag specification and the pattern is more rigid, its advantage is the production efficiency is high, suitable mass production.

Another kind is beautiful, exquisite packing, shopping bag. This kind of paper bag is commonly used in sheet-fed printing, relying on manual or semi-automatic production, kraft paper, coated papers, cardboard is often selected as the processing of materials. They are mostly used in the packaging of high-end goods, gift bags or advertising bags of various commercial activities. The characteristic is any shape, the specification paper bag can produce, but the craft is more complex, the production efficiency is low.

In our life, to recognize the value of the handbag itself, it is used to load goods, its greatest value is environmental durability. We want to make every item of the existence to play the greatest value!

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