Guide For Purifying And Disinfecting Air In Vehicles

- Oct 20, 2017-

Currently commonly used disinfection methods have the following:

1. "High Temperature Sauna"

At present, the market more traditional, more use of the car antivirus method, it is mainly through the high-temperature steam on the car air to a disinfection, sterilization, to smell the role. However, if "steamed" too often, it may also affect the work of electronic components in the car.

2, "Ozone sterilization"

This is at this stage by many people in the industry recognized sterilization methods. Its principle is to destroy the structure of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in a short period of time, and make them lose their ability to survive. Compared with the "high temperature Sauna" disinfection method, ozone sterilization method is more easy to solve the problem of dead corners in the car, but also do not need to clean the car.

3. Cream Body Sterilization

In addition to a variety of car beauty projects, the owner of their own at this stage can also buy a variety of taste, sterilization, solid aromatic agents, such as sterilization deodorant products, anytime, anywhere to disinfect the car. This sterilization method is simple and easy to operate, germs kill more thorough. Through the spread of deodorant ingredients to the air, rapid neutralization reaction and decomposition of formaldehyde in the air, 2-toluene, cut off the odor of bacteria and other molecular chain structure, 99.999% efficient killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful organisms, purifying the air inside the car. To bring you a comfortable and fresh ride environment, so that health care along the way.

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