Zhengmao Organized Team Travel

- Aug 02, 2018-

    In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, promote mutual understanding between employees, promote the unity and friendship between the teams, on July 23, 2018, at 12:00 am, Guangzhou Zhengmao Printing Co., Ltd, organized a travel in Huayang Lake Wetland Park. Zhou Lin and nie Li, as the hosts of this activity, and more than 20 employees participated .The main activities include tearing up the brand name, cycling and barbecue.

    The first round of the actives was tore the brand name. The host explains the rules. During the competition, we alliance, sneak attack, lure, use all our strength to help our team win. The whole competition is full of laughter. After fierce competition,  the team led by the jieying Chen won the final victory. In the process of playing, we forget the trouble of daily work, and dedicated to entertainment, stored up energy for work, at the same time, they also have a strong sense of reliable and trust towards the company. we are busy with their work and ignore physical exercise in working day. Tearing the brand provides us with the opportunity to exercise. In running, our physical quality is improved to a certain extent. We can also feel the charm of sports and the importance of sports.


    In the afternoon, we cycled in the park. The riding process was fun. It surrounds the beautiful natural ecological scenery of the park and feels the relaxed moments after work. As the night comes, barbecue is an essential part. The barbecue place is close to the river. When we get the food, we started to work together, washing vegetables, firing, baking... everyone was busy but methodical, and soon we smelled the scent, and colleagues shared their baked food and barbecue experience.

    Through this activity, the communication and communication between employees has been strengthened, the understanding between the teams has been enhanced, the team's cohesiveness have been improved. It has laid a good foundation for more tacit cooperation in work, and also embodied the company's core people-oriented corporate values, so that employees have a sense of belonging, and create more value for the company while creating more value for ourself!


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