Guangzhou Zhengmao Obtained 12 Patents

- Sep 17, 2019-

In recent years, we attach great importance to scientific and technological innovation, and strive to improve the independent research and development ability, therefore, we made new progress in the declaration of intellectual property rights. So far, we have received 12 patent certificates issued by the Chinese Intellectual Property Office, including 1 invention patent, 2 design patents and 9 utility model patents. The continuous accumulation of intellectual property has enhanced the core competitiveness and brand influence of the company.


A invention patent certificate: A printing technique


Nine utility model patent certificates: Spa essential oil stick, essence soaking machine, fragrance tags, fragrance bookmarks, fragrance calendars, a non-deink perfume test strips, a Multi-layer label, a fragrance hair clip, automobile de-formaldehyde ventilation air condition grid


Two design patent certificates:Card 1 and Card 2


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