Guangzhou Zhengmao New Project In Nov. 2019

- Nov 30, 2019-

Guangzhou Zhengmao Printing Co., Ltd. Established in 2005, is an innovative enterprise, focusing on the most professional designing, development and manufacture of fragrance printing products.

Our main products at the moment: 

Paper car air freshener, coin envelope, perfume test strips, paper gift bags, aroma diffuser, small paper boxes, car vent clips, etc.

Recent years, China called for efforts to create at policy and institutional levels an environment conducive to widespread entrepreneurship and innovation, encourage widest possible participation in entrepreneurial activities and help unleash a massive wave of grassroots innovation.

In November, the project of Junyi Culture Maker Space started, as our first innovative project.


More and more people who want to start their own business will join in this project.

More and more product with health and culture will be developed and manufacture. 

Dream will start here. Let's look forward to it!

Guangzhou Zhengmao Paper air freshenr test strips coaster aroma.jpg
Guangzhou Zhengmao Paper air freshenr test strips coaster.jpg

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