Guangzhou Zhengmao And Hello Caicai Developed Healthy Paper Air Fresheners

- Nov 09, 2019-

Fragrances can make people feel calm; Fragrance can be good for your health.

Guangzhou Zhengmao and Hello Caicai create a serious of  healthy and natural paper air fresheners.

Since 2014, Hello Caicai has been serving as the “Healthy Ambassador” of the Center for Disease Control in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, and has collaborated with him to publish health-related comic books: tobacco control, mosquito control, and prevention of AIDS.

The paper air fresheners developed this time are made of 100% natural flavors and unique fragrance design. Unique olfactory effect, long lasting fragrance, non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

Product features:

◆ Mosquito repellent

◆ Adsorption of formaldehyde

◆ Anti-depression

◆ Remove odor

◆ Fresh air

The following is the Hello Caicai design of the Christmas series of paper air fresheners

Paper car air fresheners1

Merry Christmas

Paper car air fresheners5

Elaphurus davidianus and Hello Caicai

Paper car air fresheners2.jpg
Paper car air fresheners4.jpg
Paper car air fresheners3.jpg

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