Food Bag Information That Cannot Be Neglected

- Oct 20, 2017-

According to the provisions of the Food Hygiene Act, stereotypes packaged food must be in the packaging logo or product specifications according to the different products in accordance with the regulations: Name, origin, factory name, site, contact, production date, batch number or code, specifications or weight, formula or main ingredients, shelf life, edible or use methods. Production license number, health license number, the implementation of the standard number should also be marked.

When everyone buys food, they will see all kinds of labels and instructions on the package. Every time only to see the production date, as long as the shelf life in the confidence to buy? In fact, a lot of information on the packaging contains a University of knowledge, read the meaning of it, not "deceived". For example: high calcium, sugar-free, not fried, in fact, these can not be no calcium, also can not prevent high blood sugar, not oil-free!

At the same time we should also pay attention to the food bag allergens information, the state requires the packaging to indicate the allergen information. stipulates 8 kinds of allergens: gluten-containing grains, crustaceans (shrimp, crabs, etc.), fish, eggs, nuts and nut products.

In food that prompts for allergens, chocolate is the majority and details of the information. Many people when allergic, can only through the food that eat to push back, serious when appear suffocation, anaphylactic shock and so on. In the food label is labeled as containing or may contain food sensitizing substances, in order to suggest that allergy history of consumers to choose their own food.

Therefore, the vast number of customer friends in the purchase of things please be sure to see the contents of the packaging bag, if there is a big gift box outside, then can see inside the contents of the packaging is the best, can not also try to see clearly, because this is directly related to our food hygiene safety.

Remind friends, after going to shopping malls, we must carefully read all kinds of information on the packaging bag, the product has enough understanding, this is responsible for their own, but also the people around.

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