Eco-friendly Paper Coaster

- Nov 24, 2018-


Generally used in families, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and other public eating places, can be used as advertising accessories, enhance the image. Cork cushion, breathable, non-toxic, no odor, waterproof, moisture-proof, oil resistant, acid resistant, resilient and environmentally friendly. The utility model has the characteristics of shock resistance, deformation free, durability, etc.. Positive and negative can be added to the printing company LOGO, pictures, products, advertising, contact is more prominent, more close to people's life, strong friction prevent glass cup slipped. Can also protect the desktop from ironing.


Rubber coasters play an outstanding role in "shock absorption", "no pollution" and "stop skating". With high sealing, buffering, shock resistance and other high reliability of the function, in all aspects of play a good effect. In addition, the rubber coasters, based on past features, add a variety of high performance and environmental protection.


Can be used in restaurants, cafes, hotels, restaurants and other public places to eat, tea, wine is placed to provide convenient, protect desktop / furniture from Tanghuai, printing enterprise LOGO, all kinds of patterns, slogan, can enhance their visibility, promote brand promotion for goods, fast, suitable for mass distribute promotional materials, to attract more consumers, obtain more revenue for the company.

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