Beauty In The Car?How To Choose The Perfume Is The Key

- Oct 11, 2018-

Many car owners like to use car perfume to improve the car's air environment, but if you choose and use it improperly, the perfume will bring many troubles and even safety risks. There are some tips of car perfumes today and hope to help you choose the right car perfume.


1. Try to choose the bottle to be volatile

    Many car perfumes in the market also use the same spray design as ordinary perfumes. because of the atomizing nozzle is small, It can't will be a very good after heating gas discharge and some people choose to perfume bottle completely airtight products, in order to make it evaporate more slowly, and use longer time , which is very dangerous, once the gas expansion warming cannot be ruled out. Therefore, it is recommended to select a product with a larger discharge port above. Although it needs to be replaced relatively frequently, it does not explode.


2. Choose bottles that don't concentrate easily.

    We all know the common sense that magnifying glass can warm up and burn. Many perfume bottles are made of crystal or glass to make curved or diamond cut shapes, but they will be concentrated in the car. In order to avoid accidents, we can choose plastic materials, or glass matte materials, etc., which are not easy to collect and reflect light or absorb heat. Putting the peel, such as pineapple skin and grapefruit skin, in the car can help cover up the smell of the car and make the breath more refreshing and comfortable. Of course, you can also buysome lemons to squeeze into juice, then add some pure water and then put them into the watering can, and spray them regularly in the car to keep the car fresh.


3, Choose paper car air freshener

    Paper car air freshener is made by high density cotton paper + special ion aroma of printing film.

 The main function is to adsorb formaldehyde, coli and fresh air, and the scent is pleasant and lasting. It can last for about 20 days. It is recommended to change the function of adsorbing formaldehyde in a week. The quality is light, and it is very space-saving to hang on the car, and it will not block the driving sight, and there is no safety hazard.


4. Good scents≠fresh air

    The last thing to note is that the rind from the peel/lemonade, or car scent, only covers the scent, but does not break down and remove harmful substances. If you want to achieve the effect of removing odor and toxic gas, it is recommended that the owner can choose to hang the car scent, place the activated carbon, and regularly clean the air conditioner in addition to the ventilation inside the car; if conditions permit, you can choose to install. Air purifiers, or choose a professional maintenance shop to do photocatalyst maintenance to ensure the air quality inside the car.


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