WHY Is It More Than Just A Paper Coaster?

- Dec 07, 2019-

Drive Sales

It' s the first step to increasing your sales…

Coasters don’t just serve to protect the surface they’re sitting on, they dare customers to try something different, tempt them to taste and prompt them to purchase.

It' s not just for bars and restaurants…

Coasters have a wide scope of applications, and the bar/restaurant scene is just the tip of the iceberg. We cater to products, services, and any business you can advertise with unique coasters that catch eyes and get results.

Marketing Value

Coasters influenced 22% of purchase decisions during independent studies, which translates to real sales for your business. To put things in perspective, the average influence of a highway billboard is 1-3%.

Brand Extension

Because coasters are a form of Brand Extension

Think Billboard, but smaller…

Coasters act the same way as little billboards, but even better. Instead of seeing the message for 10 seconds and proceeding to travel miles away, coaster messaging stays with customers the entire sitting, with 62% of people saying they “sometimes take coasters home.”

It' s a way for your brand to reach for more…

It' s when your brand strives to do more that we get to be “more than just a beverage coaster.” We have a wealth of products that can cater to your brand’s personality and cut through the traditional advertising clutter.

OEM design

Guangzhou Zhengmao can provide customized paper coaster, any size, shape, material can be customized as your requirement.

Welcome your design and inquiry!

Customized logo design  absorbent paper coaster mat OEM

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