What is Perfume Test Strip?

- Jul 27, 2018-

A good helper for a perfume researcher——Perfume test strip.

FRAGRANCE BLOTTER also named perfume test paper, spray on the test paper to test the fragrance.

It's a thick and sturdy absorbent paper, with its good ductility, absorbability, durability and stiffness, so it is widely used in test perfume area.

perfume test paper zhengmao25.jpg

When at the mall the perfume counters are mixed up with various fragrances, making it difficult to judge accurately for the fragrance. On this occasion, it is maximum to smelling two or three kinds of fragrance at a time. But it is better to use the test paper to test fragrance is more reliable when in a free time and to make a correct judgment.

perfume test paper zhengmao30.jpg

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