What are the reasons for the quality of printing

- Oct 20, 2017-

Offsctdruckereien Color box quality defects and the following reasons:

1. Partial color: The reason may have quadrochromatic quality is poor, Seihan inaccurate, print condition control inconsistent, ink color control step, look at the sample table light source is not standard.

2. The color is dim, not bright: The reason may have quadrochromatic quality is poor, Seihan curve design is not good, the color separation film density is low, the print is too shallow, printing pressure is not enough, printing presses aging, the fountain liquid excessive, paper rough, White spent low.

3. Text Shui: The reason may be low density, film gray haze, print print too shallow, printing pressure is not enough, printing presses aging, fountain solution excessive, ink quantity and so on.

4. Paste version: As a result of printing version of the ink, resulting in imprinted on the substrate is not clear, is a offsctdruckereien printed matter.

5. Dirty version: Because the printing plate wetting part of the bad, resulting in a blank part of the inking.

6. Off version: Flat printing version of the fine tunes light, dot and line area reduced, and even lose the affinity.

7. Dot Increase: Substrate area of the printing plate on the corresponding part of the dot area increased.

8. Heap Ink: ink or its substance deposited on rollers or blanket, forming relief-like sediments, affecting ink and imprinting transfer.

9. Deinking: Metal rollers are affected by the wetting liquid erosion of the phenomenon of oxidation and exclusion of ink.

10. Ink emulsification: Printing ink absorption wetting liquid phenomenon or due to the ink absorption of excessive wetting fluid caused by printing failure.

11. NAP: printing process, because the ink too sticky or paper surface strength differences caused by paper fiber, filler or paint from the surface of the paper or pulled off.

12. Printing failure: The general name of the phenomenon which affects the normal production of the printing process or causes the defects of print quality.

13. Overprinter is not allowed: in the process of color printing, printing traces overlap error.

14. Ghosting: The double outline of a color dot, line, or text appearing on a printed matter.

15. Back sticky: Printed on the substrate printing inks, glued to the back of another printed, resulting in rubbing dirty.

16. Through printing: printed on the paper on the back visible.

17. Skip glue: Inking roller is not round or elastic, viscosity is not suitable, the rotation produces a beating, resulting in uneven inking

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