Tool Spread Incense

- Oct 20, 2017-

1. Light ring

The lamp ring is a ring made of clay that is used directly on a bulb. The ring is surrounded by a groove, which is used to place essential oil. The heat released from the bulb heats the essential oil in the groove, and then the aromatic molecules of the essential oil will spread out into the entire room.

~ Advantage: Usually the light ring is relatively inexpensive

~ Disadvantage: If the essential oil is contaminated with the bulb, it may damage the bulb. And in the process of heating the essential oil, it is possible to damage the composition of some essential oils, making it less effective.

2. Clay Pot Diffuser

This diffuser has many different names, in short, they are small pots made of clay. Their shape is also diverse, such as pyramid-shaped, round, tower-row, and so on. Usually this kind of clay jar diffuser has an opening that is used to add essential oil, and then a cork is used to close the opening. The essential oil penetrates through the clay jar and then diffuses into the air. The aromatic concentration depends on the amount of essential oil to be adjusted.

~ Advantages: Usually very cheap, and do not need electricity

~ Disadvantage: Aromatic after adding essential oil for a period of time thicker, and then slowly become light. So there is no way to control the concentration of essential oils in the air.

3. Candle diffuser

From the name can be seen, this diffuser is used a small candle to heat the essential oil, let the aromatic release. Usually the candle diffuser is made of clay or metal. Under the diffuser there is a larger space for candles, and then there is a small bowl or saucer-shaped container that is used to put essential oils. The candle diffuser has many different shapes and colors. Some can even be used to make decorations. (In fact, many foreigners have such a thing in their homes, can be decorated, can also be used)

~ Pros: Usually cheaper (some designers are expensive). No electricity is required.

~ Disadvantage: Because to use the fire, so must be careful when using. And through the candle diffuser essential oil can only be released to cover a smaller range, because the candle fire is not hot.

4. Fan Diffusers

Fan diffuser also has a lot of different appearance and color and size. It also uses a fan to spread essential oils. The use is to drop the essential oil on a small absorbent mat and put it in the fan diffuser and turn on the power. The fan will start, and the blown wind will bring the molecules of essential oil to every corner of the room. Because of the size of the fan diffuser, in different sizes of rooms, you should choose different size of the diffuser. Some fan diffusers need to be used to discard the small cushion, some fan diffuser does not need.

~ Advantages: There are many different brands, different design can choose. And according to the size of the room, select the appropriate fan diffuser.

~ Disadvantage: Some fan diffuser need to buy the small cushion of discard often. Some fans will sound louder.

5. Electric Heat Diffusers

and fan diffuser is very similar, but also through heating and fan to spread incense.

~ Advantages: Can be used in a large room to spread incense. For those who are relatively heavy oil, the ability to spread incense is very good. such as sandalwood essential oil and patchouli oil, other diffusers may not be able to release their fragrance.

~ Disadvantage: Because of heating, it may affect the destruction of essential oil ingredients, thus affecting its physical therapy effect.

6. Nebulizers

The sprayer's role is to break down the aromatic molecules of essential oils and then spread the molecules into every corner of the room. We know that the molecules are small, so they are more likely to be absorbed by our lungs, so the aerosol treatment is better than the other diffuser. Usually the sprayer is a small tool with 2 parts. The bottom is plastic and there is a motor. The upper part is a brown transparent glass device used to put essential oils and sprays. Some of the sprayers are in the shape of a bottle.

~ Advantages: Good for human physical therapy

~ Disadvantage: If the glass part is careless, it will break. Then it's more expensive to buy. Compare time to clean up. The ability to extend fragrance to heavy essential oils is poor.

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