The function of fragrance bookmarks

- Sep 18, 2019-

Do you enjoy the time of reading?

Do you want to know how to improve the efficient of reading and regulate emotions by a bookmark?

Though many of us use e-readers and tablets, some are still fond of the feel and smell of having an actual book to hold. And if you’re one of those readers, you know the importance of using a bookmark rather than dog-earing the pages. Instead of reaching for any old stray piece of paper as a placeholder, check out these gorgeous bookmarks.

An exquisite bookmarks are pleasing artworks, and we add fragrant aroma to bookmarks, which not only create funny to the reading, but also add chic and intoxicating atmosphere to the book, it will make the readers feel relaxed, happy and smiling.

Bookmarks-Osmanthus fragrances

When you open the book, the osmanthus fragrance comes,as if you are under the laurel tree. The breeze is slightly sloppy, the branches are lightly shaken, and the unique fragrance is fragrant. It is full of fragrance. It always makes people feel the beauty of the world and makes people feel calm and quiet.


The rose is beautiful, but the more beautiful is its fragrance, the fragrance is fragrant and intoxicating. When you are tired of reading, then you can mark it with a bookmark. At this moment, close your eyes and feel the rose scent of the bookmark. It seems that the graceful young girl appears from the book, Her smile and romantic scent banish the tired of sitting and reading for you.


Sandalwood, a holy and introverted fragrance. If the book can make the reader feel the life, then the sandalwood that comes with the bookmark can touch the soul of the reader. The unique soothing effect of sandalwood can make people clear, calm, and eliminate distracting thoughts. The deep fragrance is effective to lower the nervousness and anxiety, relax the nerves, and make the readers comfortable.

Scented bookmark_副本

Bookmarks convey feelings, immersive, heart in its rhyme.

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