The difference between sweeping gold and gilding

- Oct 20, 2017-

The so-called sweep gold, is through the special craft, in the commodity packing or the label print on the specified position attaches the special metal powder, realizes the metallic luster effect craft process. This technology can get realistic metal texture and good luster, while the fine pattern, overprinter accurate.

Sweeping gold technology is widely used in tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and high-end food packaging, as well as greeting cards, invitations, calendar and other products printed on, can make the added value of the commodity greatly improved. China in the 1990s, the gold sweep technology has been a certain development, some of the packaging printing developed areas have also introduced a number of gold sweeper, mainly used in cigarette packets and medicine package production. With the improvement of packaging requirements in China, the technology of sweeping gold will have a greater development.

Bronzing, the scientific name anodized hot stamping, is a kind of special printing technology without ink, it is with a certain pressure on the temperature, the use of the stamping machine on the template, so that print and hot stamping foil in a short time each other under pressure, the metal foil or pigment foil to hot stamping die version of the graphic printing to the surface of the printed.

In today's packaging and other printed materials, in addition to the use of bronzing (silver) technology, Offsctdruckereien Printing Gold (silver) printing process is still a lot of manufacturers in the selection. Inkin (silver) with imprinted fine solid, metal texture good, covering power, high floating force, can present strong metallic luster, low cost and so on.

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