Protective Ophthalmic Lens Packaging

- Oct 12, 2019-

The essential packaging for your product, soft and attractive, enhances the quality of the lens. Provides "hands-free" automatic packing. Anti-abrasion lining prevents scratching, important for correct lens storage. Can be personalised with the logo, design and technical characteristics of the lens for easy supplier identification. Designed and made to measure specifically for lenses.


Our lens envelopes offer the ability to custom brand your packaging, using full coverage, four color printing. You can take advantage of our graphic design consultation to find a design that works well for you and will stand out to your customers. We have multiple options to line your envelopes, for maximum protective capabilities. 

Single Finished Lens Envelopes:

  • Premium grade 80 lb. white matte paper

  • Expandable

  • Optional protective inside linings, polyester, rayon etc.

  • Completely full coverage printing with bleeds

  • Engineered to a degree of accuracy for compatibility with both automatic packaging machines and robotic automatic packaging machines

Use our contact form to inquire about our lens envelopes, or use the “request a quote” form to ask for custom quotes to make your project a reality. 

Len envelopes,Protective Ophthalmic Lens Packaging

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