Outlook On Paper Car Air Freshener Industry

- Nov 20, 2019-

Outlook On Paper Car Air Freshener Industry

Air fresheners are generally designed to eliminate bad odors and bring fragrance and fresh air to the home environment.   They are primarily functional products, although many have become more decorative in recent years. With people's aesthetic increasing, many fashion and beautiful design is popular.

Another competition is from bottle car air freshener, as this prduct has been long existing. And many car owners have not known paper air freshener, maybe this is the problem of promotion. Compared with bottle ones, paper ones are samll, light-weighted and more economic. What's more, it is a better way to print  a company's logo, especial for auto accessory or car 4S shops to get more customers and widen the market.

Actually, we need focus on the develop and research of the product, from material, fragrance, design. Also the most important we need improve the user's experience.

Zhengmao is always focusing on quality and customer service. We have been the first to enter aroma printing industry. Twenty years' efforts, we have got our factory and operation team. We will be intensive cultivating aroma printing industry.

We are confident for our product and aroma printing industry.

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