How to Evaluate, Sample, Test or Smell Perfume

- Dec 26, 2019-

When shopping for a new Perfume, a new Reed Diffuser or a new Hand or Body Lotion, it can be overwhelming to choose which one suits us best, regardless of whether we shop for Home Fragrances, Bath, Body & Skin Care or Eau de Parfums.

Here, in this guide we offer a few simple tips.

Before we start, keep the following in mind:

  • Don't touch - don't let the charming sales assistant spray the perfume onto your wrist, as it will contaminate everything you try afterwards. The same applies to:

    • candles & reed diffuser: don't touch the wax or the reeds, as the scent will adhere to your fingers and hands.

    • lotions: don't apply a little lotion to the back of your hand, as it will also influence what you sample later.

  • Trust your nose - fragrance is very personal and you should listen to your sense. Just because somebody says its fabulous, this does not mean the particular shower gel, perfumed candle or Eau de Toilette is right for you. Even a very helpful and experienced sales consultant will be trying to help you based on their knowledge of fragrance, and not necessarily based on their knowledge of you. Reading fragrance reviews can be very helpful, however this may or may not  identify the right fragrance that matches your own individual preference.

Below we have three chapters:

  • Blotter or Paper Test

  • Testing on Skin

  • Tips for Testing

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