How to differentiate PVC, PET, pp material

- Oct 20, 2017-

1, the PVC material is not environmental protection, the color is blue, has the obvious water ripple pattern, uses the fire machine to burn the smoke and the stink, but the processing craft is ripe, the viscose glue is very transparent, is suitable for the domestic packing, but does not fit the food and so on product.

2, pet materials are environmental protection materials, transparency is very good, no water ripple, with a fire machine burning micro-smoke and a small amount of odor, viscose effect is not good PVC, easy to rub flowers, mainly for the environmental requirements of high product packaging.

3, pp material is environmental protection materials, the proportion of light cost is low, but the transparency is less than PVC and pet, the fog can be used sticky glue, heat seal, ultrasonic bonding technology, mainly used in stationery.

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