How to choose perfume?

- Jun 04, 2019-

How to choose perfume?


 Nowadays the person is more pursuit vogue, not matter is men or women can use perfume. But a lot of people don't know how to choose perfume, they just think it smells good.

In fact, the right choice of their own perfume or very particular. The person of true tide, also should have the choice perfume of grade.

However, if you want to select the perfume that suits you from a wide range of product, it will just like trying to choose the shoes that suit you from hundreds kinds of shoes. This is a very laborious task. And perfume just as the food, varies greatly from person to person. You must not because this is popular fragrance, counter staff recommendation, then Impulsively pay money to buy.

How to choose perfume

As the most standard way to buy perfume, you need to remember the following procedures:

Firstly, look at the appearance: observe whether the packaging of the perfume is clean and complete, the name of the registered trademark and the origin of everything whether completed.

Secondly, look at the liquid state of perfume: carefully check whether the perfume liquid is transparent and clear, no precipitation, suspended matter phenomenon.

Thirdly, look at the color of perfume,the color of perfume should downy, should not too bright and dazzling.

Fourthly, smell the tightness of perfume: try it near the unopened perfume bottle. To check there is no aroma, the cap is tight and no leakage.

Last but not least, smell the aroma of fragrant water: generally speaking, the person's olfactory sense is in afternoon when 4 to 5 o 'clock is the most sensitive, you can go shopping to choose the perfume in this time. Nevertheless the attention smells fragrance water to do not exceed 5 minutes at most, otherwise your nose may be mistakenly to smell the aroma.

Because smelling the perfume to make yourself feel happy, we can't compromise, the best way is to give your nose to choose. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the relax of the nose, if you continue to smell easy to make nose fatigue. On the contrary, the smell of dull, unable to make a correct judgment.

What you need to notice is, when trying the aroma of perfume cannot smell fragrance directly from perfume bottle mouth, the secret that tries fragrance is to dip one or two drops, blow one's breath slowly, or it is to shake gently with the hand, after letting alcohol volatilize, smell fragrance quietly again. If possible, it is best to leave the store for about 30 to 40 minutes, so that you can feel  integration of the perfume blends with our body smells degree.

Now, it's very popular to use perfume test paper to make sure that your scent is right for you. To test the aroma, you should spray perfume on the perfume test paper, shake it gently, and wait for the alcohol to evaporate before smelling it again. As a result of fragrance can very good ground is retained above trying perfume test paper, after a few hours, the aroma that also can identify atmosphere clearly. 

perfume test paper

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