How to Choose High Quality Perfume?

- Jul 28, 2018-

Step1: Color

The water of perfume should be clear and bright. This method is very effective in identifying high-quality perfumes. In general, perfumes made with natural flavors which are the color of the perfume itself, and most of color are amber or brown. The essential oils extracted from flowers, such as narcissus, jasmine, rose, etc. They are generally greenish brown, yellow or white. The high-quality perfume has no sedimentation and it is a liquid with clear and transparent color. The color of the perfume will not change for a long time. However, perfumes with higher concentrations of jasmine essential oils will appear darker and deeper, which is caused by the alcohol in the perfume volatilize and make the perfume thicker.

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Step 2: Package

Exquisite packaging is one of the factors that measure the quality of the perfume. It refers not only to the gorgeous bottle design, but also to the tightness of the bottle mouth. Perfume is easy to volatile, therefor, especially pay attention to the tightness of the perfume bottle when identifying perfume. There must be no gap between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the perfume packaging is neat, the picture is clear, and the appearance of the bottle is cracked or not. For perfume bottles with spray heads, check the nozzles for flexibility and leaks.


Step 3: Fragrance

The premium perfume with a pure aroma, there are no pungent alcohol, and the fragrance can last for a while. Different perfume will make the perfume stability different. The fragrance of the special perfume can last for 70 hours, and the floral fragrance is usually about 60 hours. This is the continual time of the fragrance of the premium perfume which used daily. When you buy perfume, you can't directly touch the bottle, but use the test paper, and you can't smell it immediately after spraying. Because the alcohol content in the perfume is as high as 80% at this time, so you need to wait for the alcohol to volatilize before you can smell, and then you can identify the good and bad of the perfume. Generally, the waiting time usually is about 5 minutes


Step 4: Check the perfume number

Each bottle of perfume has a batch number. Whether it is a standard package or a small sample. There is a transparent plastic paper at the bottom of the bottle, with the name, specifications and origin of the product, but the fake perfume does not have this paper, nor carved. In addition, the bottom of the genuine perfume bottle and the bottom of the outer packaging box have uniformly numbered. If the bottom of the bottle is GC118, the bottom of the box must also be GC118. The bottom of the fake perfume bottle and the bottom of the box are not numbered.


Pay attention to the above information when you go to buy perfume in the next time. The reason to move the perfume bottle back and forth is to give off the scent. If you don't have the test paper, you should gently shake the bottle that the aroma is "pushing" to the nose. However, the perfume can't always feel its detail, Treemas's test paper that you can test the fragrance time and fragrance, welcome to inquire!and please contact us if you are interesting in perfume test strips!

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