How long a fragrance lasts on a test strip vs how long it would last on skin?

- Sep 15, 2019-

Apparently rates of fragrance evaporation /diffusion could vary with ambient humidity, temperature, convection currents, and of course skin types. And no 2 pieces of living skin are exactly alike. To make matters trickier, your own nose is not as reliable an instrument for detection.

This could actually be a very interesting study, so interesting that  we guess it must have been performed already somewhere. The factor "own skin" is indeed something to consider

Maybe tester strips rarely give us the best idea of a scents performance on skin. But they do give a genuine interpretation of what the scent is and smells like. we recommend to go to a place, and then spray any samples you like on paper, label it with a trusty pen that you brought with you, and after letting them sit and settle for 15 or 20 minutes sniff out your favorites. Then find a place like Sephora or similar that will give you samples to bring home with you and test them on your skin, making careful note of when the scent smells similar to the paper and then smells different. It should smell similar to the test paper at least at some point.


Longevity is another factor which have to be consider, you would have to do tests at different times of the day and make note of weather conditions, how many sprays, a whole science experiment you could probably take a week or two for one scent. 

In conclusion, you could potentially spend a month to a year on a single scent just to get a baseline of overall performance. Then , you could spend another month on a new scent to try to see if there is some verifiable calculation that seems, at least on average for your skin, to work for most fragrances. If you had scents you really wanted to play with and get to know intimately, and get others to know intimately as well with you, we say go for it and experiment! 

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