How Bar Attracts Customers' Trick

- Jun 12, 2019-

How Bar Attracts Customers' Trick

When you think you are ready to open a new bar?

Are you really ready?


Bar Opening

Do you know that there is a small preparation that will bring a good consumer experience to each customer and will bring a good publicity effect to yourself?


That is to customize the exclusive paper coasters for your own bar!


1, Bookkeeping function: Every customer is drinking a glass of wine, but usually they will pay when they leave the bar. Therefore, in order to facilitate the memory, the waiter puts a glass of wine, and will use the notes on the coaster. When paying the bill, generally only need to calculate the quantity on the coaster to pay the bill.


German bar coasters count

2, Cleaning function: When the drinks overflows, the table will make cleaning become extremely difficult. However, when there is a coaster, it can be absorbed in time so that it is easier to clean the table.

Overflow the glass 

3, Decorative landscaping desktop function: different styles of coasters for different wines or cups, giving people a different feeling. In the bar, it is also a taste for the guests.

Bar coasters 

4, Advertising features: custom-made coasters with a distinctive bar name and then printed logo, add advertising text and other content that you want to do publicity. Therefore, the coaster can be used as a small gift and become a carrier for advertising.

 Bar coaster

5, Collection function: they are thin and light and easy to store, they make the collectors look like a cool and interesting person, have been to many cool and interesting bars.

paper coasters

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