Disinfecting and Cleaning: Paper Air Freshener

- Mar 31, 2020-

Disinfecting and Cleaning: Paper Air Freshener

Effective in the air.

Here’s a great recipe for a safe and effective bathroom disinfecting spray. It smells clean and will get rid of germs in a hurry!  Simple herbal cleaning products bring nature's fragrances indoors. 


– Multi-functional – Cleans, sanitises and deodorises in one application

– Contains a broad spectrum bactericide

– Contains perfume flavor

– Leaves a fresh long lasting fragrance.

– Based on mild detergents

– Child do not touch

The following paper air freshener scents will have the disinfecting and cleaning effect.

1.Tea Tree paper air  freshener

It cleanses the skin and purifies the air. Due to its purifying properties, melaleuca oil can be found as an ingredient in many skincare products and shampoos.

A number of medical studies point to the powerful antibacterial and antiviral qualities of tea tree oil. This essential oil can be used as a household cleaner and as a treatment for various infections, from athlete’s foot to cold sores and warts.

2.Cinnamon scent paper air freshener

It has beautiful sweet and spicy aroma that can be used for deodorizing and purifying air at home. Natural cinnamon paper air freshener is a better alternative to the scented candles that have been a topic of concern for quite some time now.

3. Lemon scent paper air freshener

Can help protect your family from germs during cold and flu season.

With its natural antibacterial qualities, lemon has been known to pack a powerful punch when it comes to cleaning and sterilizing. 

Other scents like Thyme, Peppermint, Clove, Rosemary, Wild orange, Lavender, Lemongrass, and Geranium.

Welcome to customized your ideal scent!

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