Color page Printing Common paper

- Oct 20, 2017-

Paper according to the use of classification: divided into four kinds, in turn, industrial paper, packaging paper, living paper, culture paper.

In the culture paper, there are writing paper, art painting paper and printing paper.

Printing paper, generally divided into newsprint, letterpress paper, offset, coated paper and special papers and other five kinds.

Printing advertising color pages are usually 157g high-quality paper four-color printing, after printing can choose Laminating, crimping, folding and other processes, printing quantity of major customers in the near future needs. If the requirement is high, the customer experience is high, then chooses 200g, 250g double copper paper printing; If the paper is reflective, can choose matte Paper printing, matte paper is mainly aimed at middle-aged and poor eyesight readers, most European and American customers will choose this kind of paper.

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