Scull Engine Car Vent Clip

Scull Engine Car Vent Clip

Clamp the exhaust port, let your car full of aroma, bring you comfort.
Solid fragrance, quiet bearing, high-grade wood.

Product Details

Scull Engine Car Vent Clip

Material: ABS/Sapele/Silica Gel

Color: Silver/Dark blue

Applicable population: Pregnant women, the elderly, children.


Spot: Unrestricted

Size: 5.3*4.2cm

Scope of application: All kinds of automobile air conditioning outlets.

Structure: Top-down by the rotor, PO level imported stainless steel bearings, mute effect is remarkable, rotate more smoothly, pure copper, axis, the sand Billy Africa wood shell, fine polishing surface, matt environmental protection paint, PE environmental protection resin essential oil, natural essential oil filling, persistent natural fragrance, silicone rubber jacket, 4 built-in metal stents, repeatedly plug deformation.

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Scull Engine Car Air Outlet Aromatherapy Car Perfume Seat Blade While Positive And Negative Mutual Car Fragrance

Inspired by the great Soviet double-rotor ka-52 helicopter, a tribute to the classics.Innovative design, positive and negative relative rotation twin rotor structure, rotation is different.Reasonable structure, fastidious material selection, good quality more stable.Polymer PE resin can fully absorb essential oil, avoid liquid leakage corrosion car interior.Mirror branded silver, elegant, lonely, indifferent.Mirror deep tarnish, metallic simple sense and sand Billy wood cross-border mix building a style.

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