Lucky Cat Car Vent Clip

Lucky Cat Car Vent Clip

Features: Long-lasting fragrance for about 60 days, compact and convenient, easy to use, easy to install in seconds, the perfume cycle can be replaced, and bid farewell to repeated renewals.
Function: Emits fragrance, keeps the car fresh, can eliminate the smell in the car, and maintain a pleasant fragrance in the car.
Technology: Slow release, non-rapid volatilization, thin film storage technology, technology that allows liquids to evaporate without leaking.

Product Details

Lucky Cat Car Vent Clip

Material: PVC/Spices

Color: Red/Pink/Blue/Orange

Applicable occasions: Home, car, office and other places can be used.

Monochrome custom MOQ:5000pcs

Spot: Unrestricted

Installation method:

1. Tear off the cover.

2. Into the lucky cat fragrance.

3. Cover the lid.

4. Clip to the air outlet and the installation is complete.

Lucky Cat Car Perfume Car Air Conditioner Outlet Perfume Cartoon Cute Creative Car Fragrance Decoration

Creative Lucky Cat Aromatherapy Car Car Outlet Clip mould Fondant Decoration

The warm heart of the car, no one resists it leisurely, no one can refuse the small fragrance that it emits, and become a warmhearted partner in your car at any time. The true 0 odor is more clear than the cover, and a lot of deodorizing ingredients, not only the surface to cover the odor. Pure plant 0 alcohol, straight to the natural plants of the mountains, non-toxic and harmless, can be used by pregnant women, from the fragrance of nature. The appearance of the new design, simple atmosphere. The long strip has a stronger stability and is easy to take and install without damaging the tuyere.

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