USB Mini Desktop Rose Aromatherapy Diffusers

USB Mini Desktop Rose Aromatherapy Diffusers

Touch screen operation panel, sensitive touch, convenient and simple.
High quality PP filter cotton with soft texture and strong water absorption.
Purify silent, humidification with heavy fog.
Colorful atmosphere lights, romantic diffuse, LED night light, still hydrated at night.
Direct injection for 3 hours / intermittent 5 hours automatic power off, preventing dry burning.

Product Details

USB Mini Desktop Rose Aromatherapy diffusers

Basic Info:

Brand Name: Treemas

Origin: China

Customized Logo: Available

Color:White/Pink/Light blue/Light green

Service: OEM or ODM

Product Description:


Size: 13*8.5cm

Two-speed adjustable: direct injection / intermittent two-speed humidification mode, with a maximum of 25ml / H atomization, to help moisten the dry weather of autumn and winter and air-conditioned rooms.

Multi-function Large Fog Humidifier Automatic Power Off Colorful Night Light Aromatherapy Essential Oil Aromatherapy Machine

Steps for usage:

1. Soak the cotton swab completely in the water.

2. Install the spring.

3. Put in a cotton swab.

4. Connect the top cover.

5. Unscrew the lid and add water.

6. Tighten clockwise.

7. Connect to the USB power supply.

8. Touch the open key to turn on the spray.

Rose Humidifier USB Mini Desktop Office Home Humidifier Night Light Air Purification Humidifier

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