Crown 7 Color LED Aromatherapy Diffuser

Crown 7 Color LED Aromatherapy Diffuser

Durable. Colorful night lights. The humidification time can be adjusted. Silence.

Product Details

Crown 7 Color LED Aromatherapy Diffuser

Product Information:

Brand Name: Treemas

Origin: China

Customized Logo: Available

Service: OEM or ODM

Color: Pink/White/Blue

Material: ABS/PP/Electronic components

Feature: 1. Durable. Material selection ABS + PP + Electronic components, oil resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. Colorful night lights. It can be used as a night light. The lights are colorful and gradient. Press the "LIGHT" button to select the fixed light.

3. The humidification time can be adjusted. 1H/3H/5H timing indicates that on is a continuous spray and "MIST" is the adjustment key.

4. The test sound effect is only 35 db, which is in a very quiet range and can be easily used during sleep.

Applicable occasions: Families, hotels, restaurants, kitchens, guesthouse, banks and other high-end places.

Product Specifications:

Water tank capacity135mL
Input parametersAC100-240V; 50/60Hz
Output parameters24V; 350mA
Suitable space size20㎡
Regular time1h, 3h, 5h, continuous spray
Power supply modeAdapter power supply

Product description:

1. This essential oil aromatherapy machine is specially developed for the compatibility of vegetable essential oils in terms of material selection, product structure design, core nebulizer, electronic circuits and components, wafer keys, etc.

2. Essential oils and water molecules can be atomized to nanometer level. The atomized particles are uniform and smaller. The humidifying effect is more obvious. The extremely delicate aromatic molecules can be quickly distributed to every corner.

3. According to the different components of essential oils, they can play different roles in purifying air and nourishing skin. For example, rosemary can relieve fatigue, lemon can whiten and control oil, Geranium can prevent colds and so on.

135mL Crown 7 Color LED Aromatherapy Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier Mist Maker Applicable Occasions Restaurant Kitchen

Crown Aromatherapy Machine Ultrasonic Atomization Dual Mode Spray Colorful Atmosphere Lamp Home Office Bedroom

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!

2. Please allow 0.93-1.18 measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

3.This aromatherapy machine, accompanied by English instructions, seven-color lights flashing have detailed operation instructions, to help you operate with this aromatherapy machine!

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