Cool Mist Aromatherapy Electric Aroma Diffuser

Cool Mist Aromatherapy Electric Aroma Diffuser

1. The ultrasonic atomizer is used to break up the liquid water molecules into a fine cold mist through the 2.4MHz oscillation frequency.
2. The decibel produced during the operation is only about 30 decibels.
3. There are two light modes, light and dark.
4. It can hold 500ml of liquid and increase the storage capacity.
5. 60/120/180 minutes three timing modes, set freely, when the aromatherapy machine runs out of water, it will automatically power off and protect the body.

Product Details

Cool Mist Aromatherapy Electric Aroma Diffuser

Basic Info:

Brand Name: Treemas

Origin: China

Customized Logo: Available

Service: OEM or ODM

Material: ABS plastic

Color: White

Size: 17**17*13cm

500ml Remote Control Essential Oil Diffuser Air Aroma Humidifier Aromatherapy Machine Timer Setting 7 Color LED light Auto Off

Product Details:


First time: The light is weak.

The second time: The brightness of the light is strong.

The third time: The light is off.


First time: Slamming, the spray is big.

The second time: Two sounds, the spray is small.


First time: 60 minutes timing mode.

Second time: 120 minutes timing mode.

Third time: 180 minutes timing mode.

Fourth time: Continuous fog mode.

Fifth time: Turn off the fog.

Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Machine Air Humidifier Home Mute Bedroom Office Mini Small


1. If the concentration of the spray is slightly different, it is normal.

2. Different types of water, temperature, temperature and popularity will affect the fogging effect.

3. If there is no water in the water tank, “MIST” presses the aromatherapy machine to make a “drip” sound, and the aromatherapy machine can't be used without water.

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