Caile Cup Aroma Diffuser

Caile Cup Aroma Diffuser

Intelligent power-off, anti-dry burning.
Colorful atmosphere lights, romantic and diffuse colors.
USB power supply, mobile power supply, AC adapter, computer and other power supply methods.
Quiet humidification.

Product Details

Caile Cup Aroma Diffuser

Basic Info:

Brand Name: Treemas

Origin: China

Customized Logo: Available

Service: OEM or ODM

Color: Pink/White/Blue

Material: ABS/PP/PC/silicone/electronic components

Size: 7*7*15cm

Applicable occasions: Rest, bedroom, study, office, home.

Product Information:

Instructions for use:

1. Unscrew the cover counterclockwise.

2. Add water and screw the cover clockwise.

3. Pull out the suction tube.

4. Take out the cotton swab (do not take out the bottom spring).

5. Soak the cotton swab completely in water.

6. Replace the catheter after wetting.

7. Plug in the power.

8. Installation is complete.

Caile Cup Humidifier Mini USB Humidifier Car Home Air Purifier Colorful Night Light Aroma Diffuser

Key switch/spray&ambient light:

Short Press:

1. Short press briefly to continue spraying.

2. Short press again to turn on, intermittent spray (spray for 3 seconds, stop for 3 seconds).

3. Short press again to turn off the spray.

Long Press:

1. Long press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on the colorful gradient night light mode.

2. Long press and hold again for 2 seconds to lock the color.

3. Long press and hold for 2 seconds again to turn off the light.(In turn)

200ml Music Cup Air Humidifier Mini USB Charging Car Air Purifier With LED Night Light For Home Car

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